Autumn is here! Fight hair tendency to fall and breakage, dull and dehydrated skin with our Freshly Tips!

It seems like summer sun improves our look, while autumn punishes us instead. Less hours of sun exposure and more time at home, offices and closed spaces, which translate in a lack of vitamin D that our skin badly needs. Hence, autumn is time of the year that we need to get down to work and take a particular care of our skin.

It is in autumn in fact when our body experiences the consequences of having been overexposed to external environmental factors, such as solar radiation or sea water during ,the hottest months. The appearance of spots and dryness are just some signs of summer habits damages on the skin, causing skin aging and dehydration. In addition, autumn is a season in which the skin changes, the hair undergoes alterations and tends to fall, and low temperatures make our skin more dehydrated,including our lips.

Do you what your skin needs this autumn? Take note of our tips.

How to fight hair loss: the shampoo and the correct routine

The hair is sensitive during season changes, and it tends to fall especially in autumn. Avoid this by using a silicone- and sulfate-free shampoo that helps reduce hair loss and incorporates rooibos and horse chestnut tea extracts, two powerful natural assets that strengthen the root and enhance hair growth. If you suffer from hair loss, keep in mind that you should massage the scalp well and avoid rubbing, so as not to damage the hair fiber. You will also be interested to know that with a pre-brushing before washing your hair helps to avoid hair loss, and there’s nothing better than applying a natural hair serum every day to protect the hair fiber and to seal the cuticles.

Remember that after the summer, if you still suffer from dehydrated hair, it is advisable to use an effective moisturising nourishing mask once a week to combat dryness on the scalp and enhance the shine to show off a perfect mane.

Antioxidants for dull skin: fight against free radicals

Did you know that stress, along with the air pollution in large cities, the smoke of tobacco or some fats, pesticides and herbicides that we ingest, generate free radicals capable of damaging diverse cellular components, such as proteins, lipids and DNA? Although free radicals are well accepted by our body, an excess can cause cellular aging and, as a consequence, our skin will look more dull, with lack of elastin, luminosity and loss of tone, as well as the appearance of small spots and wrinkles.

To deal with all this, include in your daily routine treatment products rich in antioxidants capable of stabilising free radicals and repair damaged molecules. Apply every night a few drops of natural facial serum with the best antioxidant technology and you will reduce redness, inflammation and restore the luminosity of the damaged skin.

For the body: prevent dryness, get rid of toxins and hydrates in depth.

Body Flame Firming Cream

We know the efforts to integrate a daily hydrating body cream into our routine. As soon as you know the benefits of this detox firming cream, you will not want to try any other one, especially if you suffer from psoriasis or other skin problems. This natural moisturiser does not include silicones or parabens, so its action is healthy and really beneficial for all kinds of skins.

Its benefits are many: it increases the smoothness of the skin, it is highly nourishing and regenerative, it promotes the combustion of fats and provides luminosity and it’s of rapid absorption. Apply it when coming out of the shower and let the effect of natural caffeine, gotu kola and fucus algae leave your skin hydrated and rejuvenated. Say goodbye to dryness!

Hydrated lips in autumn: lip balm for the most damaged lips

This autumn, what can’t be missing in your day to day care is a lip balm that keeps your lips nourished, repaired and protected. We have the perfect lip balm, without paraffins or silicones, and made from vegetable oils and butters that increase the hydration of the lips by 60% after five days of use. This natural nourish lip balm will not only delight you for fighting dehydrated lips at low temperatures, but its passion fruit natural aroma will become your next addiction.

Now that you know how to take care of your skin this autumn, you only need to get the products that will help you show off radiant hair and skin. Do not let the cold temperatures catch you off guard! Enter our online shop of natural cosmetics to get the healthiest cosmetics, without parabens, silicones, sulfates or petroleum derivatives. Take care of your skin as it deserves!

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