Easy and Effective Night Routine in 4 Simple Steps

Every morning, when the alarm rings, you perfectly know what to do. You wake up, you take a shower, you clean and hydrate your face, you put on your clothes...etc. But at night? Do you have an established routine? Or are you one of those who comes home exhausted, has dinner and goes to bed? This should change... Your skin also needs care at night. Leave the laziness to one side and in 4 simple steps, without the need for rinsing, you will get a better skin than ever. In a short time you will see the results, do you want to know how? Pay attention!

Simple and effective night routine.

1- Clean: It is essential to clean your skin before going to bed to remove all traces of makeup, sweat and pollution accumulated during the day. All these factors, including stress, damage your skin. For that reason, You must take care of it every night applying a micellar water using a reusable or washable cotton pad and thus remove all these accumulated residues from your skin.

*Tip: Fresh Green micellar water does not need to be rinsed. You can have the reusable cotton pads and the products you will need for your night routine on the bedside table, so that before going to sleep you remember to apply them on your skin. This way, you will be able to apply them comfortably sitting on the bed, in the bathroom or as you wish.

2- Tone: Every night it is necessary to use a facial toner after micellar water, to refresh and soothe the skin. This product also helps us to eliminate the remaining impurities and toxins, to close the pores and to tone the skin. If you use a purifying toner you will be able to reestablish the pH and moisturise the skin. Also, it will help the moisturising products that you apply later penetrate the skin better.

3- Nourish: When your skin is clean and toned, it is ready to receive the hydration it needs. During this step it is very important to pay attention to the delicate area around the eyes. You must use a specific serum for this part of the face to help you treat expression lines, dark circles, puffiness, and drooping eyelids in order to moisturise, revitalise and brighten your gaze. You can get a better result if you use an eye contour containing active peony concentrates. It renews the mitochondria of the skin helping to reduce the signs of aging.

Let's now move on to the general facial treatment. During the night the skin regenerates, but it is necessary that we help our skin in this process of cellular renewal. For this reason, we need to apply a facial serum that contains more powerful active ingredients than a day cream. This type of products increase the subcutaneous hydration and improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin. If these products have broccoli extract in their formula, you will be able to stimulate cellular skin repair in order to reverse the signs of aging more easily.

4- Exfoliate: Exfoliation helps your skin to regenerate. There are numerous dead cells stuck to our skin that must be eliminated so that new cells are generated and so our skin looks refreshed. If you follow the night facial routine we suggest you, you will be able to exfoliate your skin daily without damaging it thanks to the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum. This enzymatic serum eliminates dead cells without plastic microparticles or acids that irritate the skin, so you can use it every night and without the need to rinse it off. The next morning remember to do a good cleansing!

This is the most comfortable and effective method to exfoliate and renew the skin. In its formula has powerful active ingredients to deeply moisturise the skin, such as:

- Vegan hyaluronic acid (Hyadisine Active):

It works as a vegetal and sustainable alternative to hyaluronic acid. According to its "in vivo" efficacy studies, this ingredient immediately increases skin hydration with a long-lasting effect.

That's why this will be the last step in your night routine as your skin will be moisturised and ready to regenerate more easily while you sleep.

Before finishing we want to give you 2 tips:

- Sleep on your back: there are studies that ensure skin can age faster if we sleep in certain positions. If you sleep on your stomach or side, you may cause more wrinkles on your face, neck and cleavage due to the pressure you exercise on them while sleeping. To avoid this, try to sleep on your back as much as possible.

- Also you can include in your bedside table a hand cream so that before sleeping, especially in the cold months, you apply it comfortably. Your hands will never be dehydrated.

With these simple steps, in a few weeks you will notice the results and feel your skin radiant. Don't forget to stop by the natural cosmetics online store to get all the products mentioned in this post.

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