Exfoliating facial serum, what is it and why should you love it?

It is one of the most effective mechanisms on the skin and perhaps you have heard it in recent months, since the enzymatic serum is gaining positions in the beauty field as one of the most revolutionary treatments for cell renewal of facial skin. Its enzymes work on increasing the cycle of cell renewal, performing a deep exfoliation while respecting the skin barrier and reducing the signs of aging. All of this will help to achieve a younger, radiant and uniform skin in 4 weeks.

How does an enzymatic exfoliant work on the skin?

There are physical exfoliants, acids and enzymes. On the one hand, physical exfoliants or body scrubs are those that incorporate granules and visible particles based on microplastics (not respectful with the environment as they are insoluble in water) or based on natural ingredients such as bamboo powder or Raspberry seeds (a more respectful option offered by natural cosmetics). They both eliminate dead cells by friction with the action of rubbing the particles on wet skin, but are inefficient in areas such as the face because they act very superficially and they do not renew the skin in a deep and uniform way. On the other hand, acidic and enzymatic exfoliants remove the cells more uniformly, treating all areas equally and they can be applied directly to the face, just like a regular cream, without the need to rub. However, the main problem of exfoliants with synthetic direct acids is their aggressiveness of them.

Acid exfoliants incorporate, for the most part, direct acids AHA (alphahydroxyacids) and BHA (betahydroxyacids) that when applied to the skin can cause skin irritation, and because of this they have to be rinsed with water after 10 minutes of use and it is not recommended to use more than two or three times per week. To avoid this reaction, and to avoid to apply aggressive ingredients on the skin, it is best to use a natural enzymatic exfoliant that is totally suitable for daily use, and where you will not find glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, mandelic or salicylic acids, which are some of the most common synthetic ingredients when it comes to exfoliation with acids.

In this case the enzymatic exfoliation of the skin is carried out by a non-irritating alternative. In natural cosmetics, probiotic complexes are used with the ability to eliminate dead cells together with enzymes, such as pomegranate or papaya that are used to slowly degrade dead cells and increase cell renewal. This will result in a healthy, rejuvenated skin and free of imperfections. Remember that with an exfoliated skin you are saying goodbye to acne, blackheads and open pores since you treat and eliminate the pathogenic bacteria that cause them.

Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum: what are its benefits for my skin?

Are you thinking about a natural enzymatic peeling that does not irritate your face? The Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum is more than what you can imagine. It is our new bet in facial treatment, since it stands out for incorporating the maximum concentration of 12 natural technologies to rejuvenate, reduce and treat wrinkles, acne, blackheads, open pores, imperfections and redness, and achieve a radiant and uniform facial skin in 4 weeks. This natural exfoliating serum also combines the benefits of an anti-aging and moisturising serum. Its blue color, coming from gardenia blue, will leave you speechless, and its natural pigment will blend in your skin combating free radicals and increasing facial smoothness and hydration. It will revolutionise everything you knew so far!


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  • Kelly felton

    October 25th 2018

    Bad skin & large pores

    Will this product help with my horrible skin? I get breakouts every morning and I'm on a low budget so iv spent way to much on products that just don't work. My skin is very oily & I have large pores but I'll try anything for clear skin! Please help! Thank you, kelly felton x ps I would LOVE a sample if possible?

    Freshly on October 25th 2018 Hi Kelly! Thank you for your comment :) We don't do samples, but we are happy to answer to any questions! The Blue Radiance will exfoliate your skin, eliminating dead cells and boosting cellular renewal, while cleaning pores in depth and preventing the proliferation of bacteria that cause acne and imperfections, so it will definitely help! :) Don't forget though that it extremely important a good daily cleansing before anything, with a micellar water and a toner, to remove any sort of impurities :) x

  • Kelly felton

    October 21st 2018

    Breakout on my face

    Hi, I'm really interested in the new facial serum as iv have had a nasty patch of red irratated skin on my right cheek that looks awlful and I have tryed everything to get rid of it and nothing works. Is there any chance of a sample to try out before buying another product that dosent work? Hopefully this will. Thank you very much. Kind regards, kelly Felton.

    Freshly on October 21st 2018 Hi Kelly! :) Thank you for your comment. We don't do any samples of our products, but we will be happy to assist you with any question you may have. For instance, the Blue Radiance, being a gentle and a non-irritating exfoliant, will help to boost cellular renewal and correct the imperfections while still respecting the skin barrier. As this is a treatment to use only at night, you can also combine it with our Facial Moisturiser, which offer an amazing hydration and treats skin redness. Hope this helps ;) x