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You may have heard that during the summer pimples and blemishes can disappear. Exposure to the sun, always with protection, can reduce these annoying imperfections. But this is just a myth! It doesn’t mean that imperfections have disappeared. In fact, you can suffer from the opposite effect. When you see that imperfections have diminished, you tend to ignore your skincare routine, therefore your skin gets oilier and imperfections reappear.

But that's not all, summer and high temperatures increase sebum production. We also tend to sweat more, causing more dirt to accumulate on our skin.

This is why, especially during the summer, you have to pay special attention to the products you apply on your skin and be consistent with your beauty routine.

Everything you need to know to treat acne

The main cause for acne to appear is the obstruction of skin pores. This obstruction can be caused by excessive production of sebum. This hyperproduction may be caused by hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, stress, or excessive sweating. Thus, if there is an excess of sebum and too many dead skin cells, pores become clogged and acne appears.

For this reason, the first thing to do is to avoid touching your face. It's tempting to touch your pimples and blackheads, but you'll only make it worse. Our skin will generate more sebum and cause more acne. In addition, the grease in our hands won’t do our face any good.

Choose non-comedogenic, astringent and antibacterial products that don’t block your pores, to let your skin breathe naturally.

In order to deal with acne is essential to have a good skincare routine. If you have severe or very severe acne the best option is to go to a dermatologist.

Here is the freshly routine you should follow to moisturise and smoothen your skin. You can say goodbye to blemishes, open pores and unwanted shines with these simple and effective tips.

Anti-Acne Beauty Routine

1- Remove impurities and close the pores. You must cleanse your face twice a day. Morning and night-time. If you have oily skin with acne tendency, you should keep your skin clean in order to prevent pores from clogging. You should also cleanse your skin after doing sport or after excessive sweating. We recommend a facial soap or micellar water and afterwards a facial toner to eliminate impurities, close pores, and regulate sebaceous secretion. Try to cleanse your face as gently as you can. Rubbing your face vigorously will not make acne disappear faster but quite the opposite, it will irritate your skin favouring more imperfections to appear.

2- Natural exfoliation at least once a week. This will provide a deep epidermis cleaning, renewing your skin and preventing pores from becoming clogged.

3- Hydration. Having oily skin does not mean you can skip this step. Use a facial mist. What will this product give you? It is ideal to moisturise your skin, reduce imperfections and shine. Next, due to the characteristics of your skin, you will use an antioxidant serum to keep it hydrated. It is a light product. It is easily absorbed and does not leave your skin greasy.

4- Sunscreen is the key for skins with acne tendency. It is essential to protect your skin from the sun all year round – especially during summer – but finding a sunscreen that suits the needs of your skin is not an easy task. If you do not make a good choice, you can clog your pores causing the appearance of pimples and imperfections. That is why you should look for a sunscreen that contains astringent products such as zinc oxide that prevents oil excess on your skin and regulates sebaceous secretion.

As you can see, having smooth skin free from acne is not an impossible task. With the right routine, the right products, and perseverance following these steps you will see how your skin looks flawless.

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