How can you Treat Cellulite and Stretch Marks with Body Oil?

Natural products are also useful to treat cellulite and stretch marks! There is a reason why vegetable oils have been used for centuries as a beauty treatment.

Vegetable oils are totally natural when obtained directly from the pressing of fruits or seeds. Their natural composition does not clog pores and allow the skin to breathe naturally. Even though they have a greasy texture, they don’t leave a greasy skin sensation. In fact, they are easily absorbed by the skin!

Body oils will be your best friend to improve your skin. Among its many benefits, the Body Oil sculpts and prevents cellulite, and treats scars and stretch marks.

What are cellulite and stretch marks? Why they appear?

First of all, both cellulite and stretch marks are not defects, they form part of many women’s anatomy. With a healthy lifestyle and the use of natural products that helps us detoxify our body, we can reduce the signs and effects of cellulite and stretch marks. Cellulite appears in most women after puberty. It’s also related to the physiology and anatomy of each woman. Cellulite is a group of fats that the metabolism has not been able to eliminate. As a consequence, they are deposited in different parts of the body. Having more or less cellulite, or not having at all, is a fact that is linked to the elasticity of our skin, so a strong and elastic skin makes it more difficult for fat to become blocked in our metabolism.

Stretch marks are visible marks or lines on the skin caused when the skin changes rapidly and the elastic skin fibres break. Men or teenagers may also have them, it’s not only a women’s problem. If you use highly moisturising products, such as rosehip oil or marula oil, you can help treat stretch marks. That’s why body oils are called “liquid gold”. There is no better way to treat cellulite and stretch marks than using a body oil daily in the areas that require more hydration and treatment. What are the benefits of a body oil? It’s a highly hydrating product of pleasant application and fast absorption that nourishes, sculpts and prevents cellulite, and increases skin’s elasticity and firmness.

The best oil to treat cellulite and stretch marks

The main characteristic of vegetable oils is that they penetrate to the deepest layer of the dermis. These are some of the most prominent vegetable oils we can find:

- Rosehip oil. It has power to treat scars, stretch marks and skin flaccidity.

- Marula oil. This oil is especially rich in antioxidants and highly moisturising. It is used for treating stretch marks, to enhance skin’s luminosity and to minimise redness and irritations.

- Jojoba oil. It provides elasticity, smoothness and tightens the skin. It also helps to eliminate the fat content under the skin, working to fight cellulite.

- Olive oil. Thanks to its large amounts of vitamins E and K, it helps to fight dry skin providing hydration and softness.

We are glad to introduce you the Golden Radiance Body Oil from Freshly Cosmetics. It concentrates the 12 best vegetable oils to nourish and hydrate the deepest layers of the skin. It also includes the active ingredient Plankton Complex that stimulates the natural fat burning mechanisms obtaining an effective and anti-cellulitic action improving elasticity and skin firmness.

How can you use the Golden Radiance Body Oil?

You should apply this anti-cellulite and anti-stretch mark body oil at least once a day. You will be seduced by the golden effect. To increase its benefits, first exfoliate your skin while enjoying a relaxing bath with the Detox Revitalizing Body Scrub and rinse with cold water. You’ll notice the difference! Once you have finished your relaxing moment, with the skin still wet to increase the benefits and improve the application of the oil on our skin, you will apply the body oil. Give small circular massages from the ankles to the abdomen with a slight upward pressure to stimulate blood circulation and so the body oil penetrates better into the skin. By doing this, your skin will be more nourished.

Now you know how to treat cellulite and stretch marks while enjoying the Golden experience!

Do you want to try the healthiest body oil? Enter our online natural cosmetics shop where you can find this and other natural products to look radiant all the year. Let yourself be seduced by natural products!

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