How to treat stretch marks during pregnancy with a body oil

Stretch marks during pregnancy and after childbirth are very common. From the second month of pregnancy can appear the first stretch marks. Prevention and continued care during pregnancy and postpartum will help you treat these common marks. The secret is hydration! Learn to prevent and reduce them with body oil.

Stretch marks are very common in many women throughout their lives. But they also can appear in a more remarkable way during a special moment such as pregnancy.

Due to changes in body volume, the natural elasticity of your skin may be insufficient to adapt to these changes. Collagen and elastin fibers of your dermis break causing the appearance of these characteristic marks of many women.

During pregnancy, these marks are more common in the abdomen because of their increase in size over the gestation period, but can also appear on the thighs, hips, chest and arms. Stretch marks also depend on the type of skin and the physiology. You have to be patience and constant because reducing stretch marks is a long process. Prevention, leading a healthy lifestyle, pampering yourself and using the appropriate daily care products for this stage contributes to good results in their treatment.

Everything starts with a good hydration

The best remedy against stretch marks is to prevent them! Hydration is always important, but during pregnancy you need a little more. From the second gestation trimester the first stretch marks may appear, especially in your belly. That is why you have to apply highly moisturising products, suitable for pregnant women, to prevent the first appearances. This care will extend from the gestation phase to a few months after childbirth, a period that should not be ignored.

It is essential to give our skin a dose of extra hydration and pamper at all times in this new phase. It is also very important to drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in nutrients and vitamins, especially A, E and C. We recommend a fruit salad with kiwi, strawberries and orange juice. This delicious fruit salad will provide you with many vitamins and your skin will be more hydrated and elastic!

External hydration is crucial in this new adventure. In order to get a radiant skin, you have to focus on vegetable oils, mainly rosehip oil and jojoba oil. Vegetable oils are completely natural and, unlike conventional creams, they have the ability to penetrate to the deepest layers of our dermis ensuring maximum hydration in a healthy way for the skin and for the baby. This is why a body oil that combines different vegetable oils will be your best ally during this wonderful period!

Everything a pregnant woman needs to know about body oil

Body oil is suitable for use during pregnancy, since it it composed only by natural oils. Although prevention is the key, it can happen that as early as the third trimester stretch marks can become more visible. At first, they will be pinkish, then reddish and finally white or silvery. Although this process does not hurt, sometimes it can produce a burning sensation. In order to minimise these natural marks, you have to use a vegetable body oil that is an effective moisturiser and includes healing components such as marula oil, known as the African miracle. It’s highly moisturising and perfect for treating stretch marks.

During pregnancy and the stage after giving birth, you look for the perfect product that brings you the maximum benefits. The product that you are looking for is the Golden Radiance Body Oil. It is composed of 12 of the best 100% natural vegetable oils of high quality. It will provide you with an extra dose of hydration both to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, to soften the marks that have already appeared in your body, and to treat your skin after the time of giving birth. Among the most remarkable oils we find rosehip oil, marula oil, jojoba oil and also olive oil! All of them will moisturise your body and the areas most prone to the appearance of stretch marks. On the contrary to what you might think, the application is very pleasant, and the oils are quickly absorbed. You will love to give yourself a daily massage thanks to their pleasant texture and application!

Do you want to try our Golden Radiance Body Oil? Let yourself be seduced by nature!

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