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Discover the importance of changing your hair routine and take note of the benefits of avoiding this type of substances and switching to natural cosmetics instead.

What are you going to find in this post?

- We will dispel some of the myths by switching to a natural shampoo (without sulfates or silicones).

- We will also explain the benefits of using a natural shampoo.

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What are silicones?

Silicones are polymers, that is, large groups of silicon molecules combined with oxygen, which can be found in different types of products: in adhesive lubricants, contact lenses, oven molds, insulators and, of course, in many conventional cosmetics. It is important also to mention that they are not biodegradable.

What function do they have in a shampoo?

Silicones create a superficial layer in our hair, preventing it from being directly in contact with the external agents, and this is what gives our hair a silky and smooth appearance after showering. However, this effect is totally an artificial benefit, since on the other hand, they actually damage the health of our hair.

What effects do they have on the hair?

Silicones prevent the skin and hair from breathing, hindering the natural regeneration of cells. In the long run they produce dryness due to their hydrophobic nature, preventing water or other nutritive ingredients from reaching the hair fibres. With prolonged use, they accumulate in the hair, making it quickly look bad and dirty. In addition silicones incorporate weight to our hair fibres, which results in a lower volume and heaviness sensation.


What are sulfates?

Sulfates are sulfuric acid salts. Combined with other compounds, such as lauryl alcohol and sodium carbonate, they form the well-known SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). These are surfactants used for cleaning and removing fats, and they mainly work by making these fats soluble in water.

What function do they have in a shampoo?

The function of sulphates is to remove all the grease and dirt from the hair. Its high cleaning power coupled with the low price of these compounds make them present in almost any shampoo.

What effects do they have on the hair?

The sulfates completely removes fat from the hair, depriving our scalpof the natural oils it produces. This forces our hair to try to produce more oils to compensate this elimination, which increases the production of sebum and makes our hair stay clean for less time.

What happens when we also mix the two in the same cocktail?

The combination of both compounds and the contradictory functions of both substances, deeply damage our hair. The dryness produced by the sulphates makes the contribution of silicones necessary to smooth our hair. In the same way, the large amount of silicones makes our hair get dirty faster and therefore we need to wash it more often. Thus, we are entering a spiral that attacks our hair health.


To achieve healthy hair, we have to improve and enhance its natural and physiological characteristics by using products that contain natural ingredients. It is therefore necessary to completely avoid the use of silicones and sulfatesThe challenge? Detoxify your hair, get the new hair coming out of the roots healthy as possible, and not mistreat it as it grows.

How to we replace silicones in a natural shampoo?

In a natural shampoo, silicones are replaced by various natural ingredients designed to moisturise, soften and improve the hair follicle. In the case of Vibrant Refreshing Shampoo, we replace them with hydrolysed wheat protein, glyceryl oleate, aloe vera, almond and argan oils, and extracts like rooibos tea or horse chestnut.

And what about sulfates?

There are different natural surfactants derived from coconut that produce a small bubble foam and have a creamy texture. They have a medium detergent power and a very low irritation index. Examples of this are glucosides, such as decyl glucoside or coconut glucoside.

What will you notice when switching from a shampoo with silicones and sulfates to a natural shampoo 100% free of toxins?

This is undoubtedly the most frequent question when you want to change your haircare routine, what will I notice? We’ll tell you the different stages below:

Stage 1. Before starting with the change, our hair is covered entirely by silicones. Internally it is possible that the hair is dry and dull due to the aggressiveness of the sulphates and the hydrophobic repulsion of the silicones.

Stage 2. When we begin to detoxify our hair from silicones, we will notice that it generates a "frizz" effect when washing it. This is the process of detoxification, and the harsh hair we have left, is the initial result we get when we no longer provide the silicones that it was used to get. With this action, we are telling our hair that it should start working naturally, thus creating natural oils.

Stage 3. After two or three weeks detoxifying your hair from silicones and sulphates, you will notice that it is becoming much healthier. Your hair is more limp and has a "push up" effect since silicones do not make it look heavy. You are already noticing the first benefits of detoxifying your hair!

Stage 4. After months, your hair will have recovered all the functions it had lost when in contact with sulphates and silicones. You will notice that it has gained a healthy and natural aspect, with better shine, that it is growing stronger and, above all, it lasts clean for longer.

If you have decided to detoxify your hair, the Vibrant Refreshing Shampoo is perfect. The detox effect based on detoxifying ingredients, antioxidants and barrier protectors will make your hair look spectacularly healthy! Have you already detoxified your hair from silicones and sulfates? Tell us about your experience or upload a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #freshlycosmetics! If you have doubts, feel free to ask us!

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