This Valentine's Day we’ll give away 10 LOVE TICKETS with a bouquet of red roses from

Celebrate Valentine's Day in the best way with Freshly Cosmetics and! We want you to enjoy this Valentine's Day the way you deserve, with your favourite Freshly products and some beautiful flowers. Hence, Cupid has shot several Freshly arrows full of love, which we will include as Love Tickets in the orders placed between 8th and 11th February. There are only 10 Love Tickets and one of them could be yours!

Take a good look inside your order, you can be the lucky one!

How to get a LOVE TICKET? Enter website and place your order between 8th and 11th February. There is no limited order to participate! If you are lucky enough to receive your order with the Love Ticket inside, that means Cupid has chosen you! Follow the instructions detailed on this special card to receive “A Dozen Red Roses Giftwrap” by The perfect bouquet for a great Valentine's Day.

Remember! Place your order between 8th and 11th of February to participate and receive one of our LOVE TICKETS to fully enjoy this Valentine's Day.

Search well within your order, Cupid may be on your side...

We want this love to be forever!

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