Discover what natural saponins are and their cleansing properties

Most conventional soaps, gels, and shampoos contain synthetic surfactants for their high detergent effect. These sulphates are also responsible for generating foam, the main feature of conventional cleansing products. We are so accustomed to this foam that we usually fall into the error of believing that "the more foam, the better".

What do synthetic surfactants or surfactants provide in a facial cleanser? 

The answer is: A high cleansing effect. You must also bear in mind that they are very aggressive with the skin, even more so with the skin of your face that usually is more sensitive. These surfactants can cause skin irritations and are not very respectful of the environment, since the excessive foam they produce ends up in rivers and seas, affecting the marine fauna. How can you avoid them?

Natural alternative to sulphates: saponins

There is a natural alternative to sulphates to cleanse your face thoroughly. You can achieve this with an innovative soap-free formula that does not tense or irritate the skin and cleans gently, respecting the facial skin barrier. In short, you can achieve what you are looking for: A deep facial cleansing taking care of your skin at the same time.

The key is the combination of plant extracts containing a high concentration of vegetable saponins. They are molecules that can be found in certain plants and trees such as acacia, the desert date palm, gypsophila paniculata and lotus flower among others.

Saponins have incredible properties as natural cleansers and have been used for centuries for their similarities with soap. Since antiquity, this type of soapy plants have been used in the elaboration of cosmetics for skincare. However, as time went by, synthetic surfactants (sulphates) were gradually gaining importance due to their lower cost.

It is important to know that in addition to its high content of saponins, this innovative formula also includes lotus flower. This powerful ingredient significantly reduces sebaceous hypersecretion, decreasing the activity of the molecules involved in sebum formation and associated inflammatory processes. This results in a reduction of open pores; achieving a uniform, soft and luminous skin.

A facial cleanser that moisturises at the same time 

Having the natural saponins and the lotus flower in the same formula helps you to do a proper facial cleansing, respecting and taking care of your skin barrier. But that's not all... The most valuable vegetable oils are added to this innovative formula, resulting in a facial cleanser that not only cleans, but also hydrates the skin in an extraordinary way. The combination of almond oil and chia seed oil stimulates collagen and elastin formation, providing firmness and elasticity to the skin without greasiness.

In short, the excellent cleansing property of natural saponins, together with the multiple properties of the lotus flower, and the highly moisturising benefits of the powerful vegetable oils (almond oil and chia oil) form an innovative formula. It deep cleanses, controls sebaceous secretion and reduces open pores in a pleasant way; moisturising, illuminating, and revitalising your facial skin.

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