freshly approach


We all know very well that our skin is one of the most important organs of our body. However, physical and psychological stress, environmental pollution and conventional cosmetics make it age prematurely and lose its natural brightness. But...

What if you could take care of yourself with products that were able to purify your skin using natural and high-quality ingredients?

We have created Freshly because we believe that cosmetics must be healthy, innovative, sustainable, fun, transparent and be able to bring out the best in ourselves.


People inspire us ...

Before doing anything, we talked to our friends, family, team and natural cosmetics experts. This is how we learned what people love, need and dream of.

... And make us go further

At all stages of the project, we worked with experts who gave us feedback on the prototypes. We believe that only people can determine how a cosmetic really feels. When the results were not outstanding, we kept working.


Your skin...

Once we clearly knew what we wanted to obtain, we started to investigate the factors that affect the skin.

Stress: the fast-paced life we live increases our stress level. This is related to many conditions, as well as premature skin ageing.

The products we consume: the toxins that our body receives through conventional food, beverages and cosmetics prevent the skin from functioning properly.

The environment: pollution penetrates our skin and clogs pores, increasing the formation of free radicals and interfering with the skin's proper functioning.

... And our research

We worked together with a laboratory focused on performing R&D projects in the natural cosmetics field.

Healthy: we don't include any ingredient that may adversely affect our health.

Natural: Freshly products are made with high-quality natural ingredients.

Detox: all our products contain detoxifying, antioxidant and protective ingredients that will help your bpdy to protect itself from external agents and to eliminate toxins.

freshly approach


For your body…

We want you to live the best Freshly Experince possible, that's we create healthy, natural products that will help you to feel healthier and happier.

... and your mind

We believe following a healthy lifestyle gives us energy, vitality and pushes us to go further in our daily lives.